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May 26, 2014, 04:00:07 pm by Torran | Views: 1279 | Comments: 6

Hello pilots,

As you may know, today is SAP's 8 year anniversary.

To commemorate this, we will be running the server for the next 8 hours at Such opportunities will arise very rarely, so join today! :)

Happy flying!
May 07, 2014, 04:41:55 pm by Torran | Views: 4182 | Comments: 55

All great things must come to an end.

As of today, we are announcing that San Andreas Pilots is closing. It's a bittersweet moment, but one that was inevitable. Formed in May of 2006, SAP has been a center of laughs, friendship, awkward moments, and lots and lots of aviating!

We thank each and every one of you who devoted time into the clan, and made it the great clan that it is. We will leave the forum up for you to post in, in the case you'd like to keep tabs with members of the clan. We will also leave SAP wiki up as a guide to SAP's history.

It has been a great run, pilots!  :life:

SWilson: neo.sapilots.net (SA-MP, Minecraft, TS3, etc) has been officially shut down as of 2014.05.09T01:53:00 UTC.

SWilson Edit: Pretty spare spot for the forums on my server now. Posting can resume.
March 04, 2014, 09:23:00 am by SWilson | Views: 1261 | Comments: 0

UPDATE: IPs all changed over, etc. Just the DNS records to go now. Provided everything goes according to plan, you guys shouldn't even notice the rest of this.

Hey guys,

Just letting you know that over the next few days I'll be making some changes to the internal network of the SAP Servers and may have to take them down for a few short periods.

We will also be changing our DNS records and as such certain services may become unreachable for a period as these changes propogate. I'm going to try and avoid this by keeping the current situation in place while changing, but it may not work. I'll update this post once these changes are all done and everything is working as planned,

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